An overnight trip to Philadelphia for $150ish

Almost every city in USA has something special to offer during the holidays. In Philadelphia, we have the Christmas village featuring vendors offering authentic European food, crafts and ornaments. A special mention to mulled wine which is one of our favorite.

As a family, we plan a trip every year to the Christmas village and the surrounding Dibert park and City Hall. This time however my 6 year old was asking (borderline begging) to have an overnight stay in a hotel in the city. This is the same 6 year old who for her birthday wanted to stay at a hotel in NYC. In any case before committing to her, I wanted to check the prices.

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3 simple ways to automate the mundane tasks in life


Both I and my valuist wife are busy working professionals with lot of things going on in our lives. Having two children, a house, jobs, investments, etc make life busy and exciting at the same time. So we decided to check on different options such that the simple mundane tasks in life are automated and require very little of our attention. It would leave us with a significant amount of time to do things more enjoyable.

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Solar Panels – 2 Year Lookback

After 2 years in our newly constructed house our electric bills were soaring pretty high averaging $180 per month. My Valuist Wife always blamed it on our double ceiling in our family room. Being an engineer, I wasn’t very convinced. My thought process was that warm air rose to the top and if I were to go with her idea then it would be an issue during the winter months. However our heating was primarily gas based and we shouldn’t be seeing hikes in our electric bills. In the summer months, on the contrary, it would work to our benefit with the cold air settling on the bottom which in effect should minimize the air conditioning. Nevertheless, we decided to investigate solar panel options. Continue reading “Solar Panels – 2 Year Lookback”

5 Take aways from Marie Kondo’s Konmarie method

Hello readers,

This is my first post and its about the book that has influenced me the most and lead my  journey towards Valuism. “The life changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo“. This book to me is not just a home organization book, but it is mindset altering book. It changes your perspective of how you view things, commitments etc and really helps you in choosing value.  As the saying goes” A messy space leads to a messy mind”.  Here are my 5 takeaways from the book..

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