Lessons for my daughters- 1

I am going to start a series called “Lesson’s for my daughters” . As many of you know we have 2 beautiful daughters who are the biggest joys of our life. As they are growing up , I want to make sure I impart as much of my wisdom to them as I can, in hopes of giving them the tools to navigate the world and life in general.  These are usually little snippets that come during our day to day conversations. Now I decided to jot down these  little lessons in my blog, hoping to compile it into a journal and gift it to them when they leave home and start their independent lives.
So here is lesson Number 1:

Knowledge is power is not the correct statement. The real saying should be “Applying your knowledge is power”
I say this because we are seeing more and more people in real life and social media imparting big philosophical statements. However when it comes to their day to day life they themselves are not utilizing these principals. So even though they have the knowledge, they do not fair well in life because they are not applying their knowledge when faced with a real life challenge.
So there it is lesson #1- Applying your knowledge is your greatest power
I coming weeks and months , look for short posts labeled “Lessons for my daughters” for more like these.

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