3 Hobbies that everyone should have

The more you focus on minimizing distractions in life and maximizing value, the more time and money  you have at your leisure. That is the whole goal of being a Valuist. When we have more time at our leisure we have to make sure we are spending it creatively. Your activities should be relaxing as well as enriching.

3 Hobbies that everyone should have
The definition of Hobby is “An activity done regularly in one’s Leisure time for pleasure”. When you look at the definition the watching Netflix on couch with bag of chips will  fit the criteria. Assuming you are doing it in your leisure time, it certainly gives pleasure for most of us. That is the reason I like to modify the definition. My definition is  “An activity done regularly in one’s leisure time that fits at least one or all of the following criteria”

  • One that increases your creativity:

These things that makes you use your imagination. Things like sketching, painting, playing music  instruments. I am not much of an artist but I recently got into cookie art and I have been enjoying creating beautiful cookies for various occasions for our family. Planning the designs, playing with icing colors and working on improving my icing skills keeps my right side of brain active.

  • One that keeps you healthy:

Hiking,  jogging, swimming ,  yard work  (if you enjoy it) belongs in this category. Anything that will keep you physically and mentally active.
There are few activities that come to mind that I enjoy and belong in this category.
I enjoy doing yoga- a good stretch to my body is very relaxing, strengthening and energizing.
Reading books – Reading books is a great exercise for your brain. It improves your imagination, knowledge and understanding of different cultures. I borrow books from our very resourceful public library so I am not spending a lot of money on buying books.
Growing a vegetable garden in our small backyard is something I enjoy in warmer months. Gardening keeps you physically active- sowing , weeding etc requires  a lot of squatting. But most importantly my family gets to enjoy fresh organic produce grown in our own yard. I freeze or can a lot of excess produce so I can use them during colder months.

  • One that makes money:

Now this is one category that you should be careful with. A hobby should not be the main source of your income. Then, it will very soon will become “a job with commitments” , which does not give any pleasure. This should be something you do at your pace , in your leisure time , for your pleasure, but has potential to generate some income which you don’t depend on.
I did not have any of my hobbies that fit in this category until recently. Resin pour is something I enjoy doing. I make different things with resin such as coasters, clocks, cheese tray etc. It is very mesmerizing to see resin take up different colors and making its own patterns.
I have made a lot of products as it is a very addictive activity. I considered starting an Etsy shop – but decided not to as it will soon become a commitment , to make custom orders, ship them on time etc which will totally take the pleasure out of the art.
Recently I came across a flyer of holiday craft fair organized by one of the neighboring school districts , at which we can sell only hand crafted items. I decided to sign up as a vendor for this. I will have to see if I make any any money at the craft fair. If I don’t  make much money, then I can give these as gifts and  move this hobby into the first category of “improving your creativity”.  Good thing about being a vendor at craft fair is that I just have to showcase what I already have made.
So, dear readers, make hobbies to fit into one or all of the above categories- so we can have the pleasure of doing it and at the same time, nourish our creativity, health and if possible our wallets too.

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