Make your own Ghee

We all know fat in its pure form is good for our health. Fat has been vilified over the years. But now we know the real culprits for poor health are sugar, processed food, food laced with chemicals and trans fat.
Ghee or Clarified butter is one of the purest and healthiest forms of fat. It is very delicious and has several health benefits.

    1.  It has high smoke point- which means you can use it for cooking at high temperatures without the risk of the fat oxidation
    2. It is lactose and casein free- The milk solids are completely removed during the clarification process. So people with lactose intolerance and cows milk protein intolerance can safely consume it
    3. Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acid
    4. Improves Brain health and Heart health
    5. Gut cleansing and Immune boosting
    6. Rich in fat soluble Vitamins A,D,E,K
    7. One of the highest natural source of Conjugated Linolenic acid- which helps in weight loss and controlling Type 2 Diabetes
    8. Most importantly it has a delicious nutty flavor

But it can be expensive:

Buying ghee from grocery stores can be very expensive.  On average a small 12 oz container can cost anywhere from $10-$15 depending on the brand and grocery store you are shopping at.
I figured out that  if I can make my own ghee I can get a lot more ghee at a fraction of this cost. So I buy 2 lbs butter from Costco for $11.49 and make 30 oz of ghee with it!
Let me share with you the step by step process of how I make my own ghee at home:
Get a good quality butter. I bought Kerrygold brand from Costco. As stated above it cost me $11.49. You could use a smaller amount of butter and follow the same steps.

I use the saute mode on my instant pot because the  even heating gives me predictable cooking time and consistent results. You can certainly make this stove top- Be sure to use a heavy bottom pot, on medium flame and keep close eye.
So if you have instant pot, this is the setting you want to keep it on.  Saute mode- adjust to “normal”.

Put all the butter into the pot and let it melt.

Be sure to stir it frequently, at least once a minute.
Around 12 minutes you will start seeing the milk solids separate. There may be a lot of foam but when you stir it you will see white solids separating

Continue cooking by stirring frequently. If you are doing this stove top, be extra vigilant after you start seeing the white sediments, as cooking time can vary due to uneven heating.
At around 16 minutes you will start seeing the milk solids are turning brown.

Turn it off at this point and take the pot off the stove top or the instant pot.
Once all the foam settles, you will see honey colored liquid with brown sediments (milk solids) at the bottom of the pan.

Strain it to a clean and dry container using a cheese cloth or a very fine strainer. This way all milk solids can be removed.

At this point the liquid will be very dark and you may not necessarily get the ghee smell.

Once it cools (which can take several hours- It will turn into the golden yellow color and you will get the delicious nutty aroma.

You can store this in fridge or room air in a cool dark place.
Use the ghee anywhere you would use butter or oil. It tastes very different from butter, so be sure to taste it before you add it to any large batch cooking.
Enjoy making your own ghee!

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