May Frugal Wins

Indoor spring cleaning is a piece of cake when you are a minimalist. It took me about one hour to do a thorough spring cleaning of our entire 3500 sq ft home. The biggest reason being lack of accumulated clutter.

Outdoor cleaning was something I dreaded. We have been living in this house for over 5 years now.  So as you can imagine the windows and outdoor vinyl on the front porch had started getting dull and a nice coating of mildew.

We had invested on this reasonable power washer a few years back. We have been power washing the front porch, patio and sidings every year spring. But despite that the film of dust and mildew would never completely clear out.
I had decided this year we had to hire a professional power washer and window cleaner to do this job. The cost for power washing the entire house outdoor including all the windows is not cheap.

That’s when I came across these 2 products! These are amazingly cheap,  easy to use, and at the same time very effective.

Home Armor FG511 E-Z House

Windex Outdoor Glass & Patio Cleaner
Both products attach to your regular garden hose. The knob on top of the bottle where it attaches to the hose has 3 settings- rinse, wash and off.
Once the hose is attached, first do rinse, which is a plain water rinse. Once the surface is fully wet change to wash- that is when the liquid from bottle comes out. Cover the surface completely with the solution. Then change to rinse again to rinse off. That’s it and that simple!
Now with the outdoor mildew cleaner I let the product sit on the vinyl for few minutes before rinsing. I was skeptical at first, but I saw magic happen right in front of my eyes! The black and grey mildew that would not come off with my power washer or with scrubbing , just easily washed off with rinsing with the water!
The Windex outdoor window cleaner is also used similarly. The jet from the nozzle reaches the second floor windows well. I did not take down the net on the windows, it still cleaned and dried  without leaving any streaks. No wiping needed. I did choose a cloudy day to wash the windows. We have many large windows on both floors. I used only 3/4 of one bottle to clean all the windows
I am sure a professional window cleaner and power washer will do an exceptional job. But these 2 products gave me a more than decent results with under $30. Now that I call is a frugal win!

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