I can live without these..but I chose not to- Money well spent!

We are strong believers of spending money on making memories instead of spending money on products. So we usually plan couple of fun vacations with our kids every year. This, we think, is money spent well.

However, every now and then we come across some products or services that we can totally do without but they add so much value to your every day life.

Below I list 2 products and 2 services which belong to that category
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Instant Pot:

I cannot say enough about this kitchen appliance! It is convenience and efficiency all put together. We bought it on Amazon when it was on sale, just being curious about all the rave reviews I keep hearing about this. It has been 3 years since we purchased it and I have to say it has lived up to all the hype.!
There are so many benefits of cooking in Instant pot. Here are few

      1. It cooks amazingly fast- for e.g.: chicken thighs cook in 6 min!
      2. It keeps all the flavors and nutrition locked in.
      3. You can add frozen meat and still would come out perfect in no time (it will take a little longer to build up pressure).
      4. It is totally mess free. You can cook elaborate meals and your kitchen still remains clean without any spills/splatters ,steam, oily residue, etc.
      5. The cooking pot is stainless steel (so no toxic Teflon or other nonstick coatings).
      6. You can really set the time and walk away while it does its thing- no need to baby sit it

There are so  many more features and benefits for this appliance , it is a true blessing for any working parent.

Revlon one step hair dryer and volumizer:

This product does exactly what it’s name says. In one step it dries, volumizes and styles your hair.
I have thick, long curly hair. Most days I leave it to air dry with some curl products in. However on days that I feel like looking more polished I use this hair dryer brush.
It does an amazing job and gives salon blow dried look in no time. If I were to blow dry my long thick curly hair with a regular blow dryer and a brush, it would take me any where from 45 minutes to an hour to get a nice shiny and sleek style. Using this Revlon dryer it takes about 10-15 min! And I am not exaggerating. It not only dries but  also gives a shine and a very voluminous look to the hair. It saves time and also money by avoiding salon visits for a nice blow dry.

House Cleaning;

We live in a 3500 sq.ft  home. We love our home, We built it just the way we wanted it. Both me and my Husband are homebodies- we love spending our free time just enjoying our home. We love our clean and uncluttered space.
I had held out without hiring a cleaning service for several years.  Mopping dusting, etc is not something I enjoy, but I still do it regularly. Few years back I decided to give it a try . We got a cleaning group do a deep cleaning of our home once a month. We both still do our regular daily cleaning. However this once a month deep cleaning takes the cleanliness  to the next level. We pay $160 once a month. In addition to the regular surface cleaning they clean the bathroom grout, the blinds , baseboards, light fixtures etc. Our house feels extra clean once they are done. Our home deserves that extra level of care!

Lawn Mowing:

We do not have a large yard. Even with the “smallish” yard, the weekly lawn mowing is something we both do not enjoy. We feel like it takes away a good  hour of our free time which we could spend with our kids instead. Starting last spring we hired a weekly lawn mowing service for $25/week for the spring and summer months. The free time earned is well worth that money spent
So these are some of the things we spend money on, which we feel like add more value to our lives than the cost. We can easily live without these – I can cook on stove top, Blow dry my hair using a regular dryer ,  clean our home, cut our grass… But these add so much time value that we do not regret the cost.
Please feel free to share some of your purchases or services you use that has added a lot of value to your lives in the comments section.

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