Let’s Focus on value

As we approach the beginning of a new year let’s focus more on bringing more value to our lives. More value to our time , our relationships,  our choices and our money.  Money is essential for a comfortable life. There is no question about it. But getting too caught up in the rat race to make more money without proper planning will lead us to a bottomless pit of poor health and increasing cost to maintain our lifestyle.

When people say things like “Life is too short” or “You only live once (YOLO)” most people say it as an excuse to indulge in frivolous purchases. The truth is most people live long. I work in Healthcare and I see unfortunate tragedies happen to families. Often unpreventable and terrible things happen to people’s health, but this is not the majority. Most people end up living long and unfortunately do not age well- because of their poor financial and health choices.

Let’s make some changes on how we take care of our health and manage our finances so that way we can have a disability free long life that we get to enjoy with financial freedom. When we talk about financial freedom it does not mean you stop working. Keeping your mind and body engaged is essential for good health. Financial freedom means you get to work on things you want to work on, and you have freedom in choosing how much and how often to work. Once money is not a binding factor to your work, your freedom to choose what and where you work is amazing. It gives so much satisfaction.
So now lets say you end up in the minority whose life end up being short due an unfortunate accident or diagnosis- You will still be very satisfied at your end of your life moments that you were living a mindful and meaningful life. You were making choices towards a financial free life and making valuable choices with your time and money towards that goal- not spending your short life on a never ending hamster wheel . Bronnie Ware’s  huffpost article- Top 5 regrets of the dying,  highlights exactly this. At end of life people regret living an “unconscious life of over consumption and overworking”
One of the podcasts I enjoy listening is Brooke Castilo’s Lifecoach school podcast. In one of the episodes she talks about the relation between time and money. Most people think putting more time into work generates more  money and this she says is a misconception.  Time does not bring money.  “Value” brings more money. So if you work on bringing more value to your work more money will automatically follow- and with more money (financial freedom) you get more time. So the reverse is true- “Money gives you time” You can listen to her podcast episode here.
let’s plan a new year that we make mindful choices and choosing value in everything – Time, relationships, food we eat, and what we spend our money on.
Happy New year!!

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