My Stock Investing Journey

Once, during a friends and family get together (of course, pre COVID times), I started an engaging conversation with a 21 year old who had just graduated and was exploring his opportunities in the world. Very soon the topic moved into stock investing and he started asking questions about investment strategies. My first response was to tell him that I was, no way, in a position to advice him about investing given I knew very little about his goals and growth potential. Nevertheless, he wanted to know how I started doing it. After a few days I met him again and he had more questions and that led to me thinking about writing this blog post.
Here are few of my thoughts and my approach in investing which could help a person starting in the wide world of investing.
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Lessons for my daughters- 1

I am going to start a series called “Lesson’s for my daughters” . As many of you know we have 2 beautiful daughters who are the biggest joys of our life. As they are growing up , I want to make sure I impart as much of my wisdom to them as I can, in hopes of giving them the tools to navigate the world and life in general.  These are usually little snippets that come during our day to day conversations. Now I decided to jot down these  little lessons in my blog, hoping to compile it into a journal and gift it to them when they leave home and start their independent lives.
So here is lesson Number 1:
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3 steps to start homesteading in the suburbs

Farm house style has gotten major attention recently in the home decor world. Chip and Joanna Gaines should get the major credit in bringing back the old world charm to the decor world. The reason farm house style has become so popular is because no matter where one lives ,human beings crave the coziness of the old style homestead living.

The real truth is that the real coziness of a homestead is not in the decor of your home, but your lifestyle. However not everyone will have the luxury of living on a farm in the country side. We live on a quarter acre land ,in suburban neighborhood , 20min from a major city, with a pretty strict home owners association. Even with those limitations I try my best to bring some homesteading practices into our life style. So if you are like me , living in a suburban neighborhood here are 3 ways your can jumpstart your homesteading journey.
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3 Hobbies that everyone should have

The more you focus on minimizing distractions in life and maximizing value, the more time and money  you have at your leisure. That is the whole goal of being a Valuist. When we have more time at our leisure we have to make sure we are spending it creatively. Your activities should be relaxing as well as enriching.

3 Hobbies that everyone should have
The definition of Hobby is “An activity done regularly in one’s Leisure time for pleasure”. When you look at the definition the watching Netflix on couch with bag of chips will  fit the criteria. Assuming you are doing it in your leisure time, it certainly gives pleasure for most of us. That is the reason I like to modify the definition. My definition is  “An activity done regularly in one’s leisure time that fits at least one or all of the following criteria”
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Make your own Ghee

We all know fat in its pure form is good for our health. Fat has been vilified over the years. But now we know the real culprits for poor health are sugar, processed food, food laced with chemicals and trans fat.
Ghee or Clarified butter is one of the purest and healthiest forms of fat. It is very delicious and has several health benefits.
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May Frugal Wins

Indoor spring cleaning is a piece of cake when you are a minimalist. It took me about one hour to do a thorough spring cleaning of our entire 3500 sq ft home. The biggest reason being lack of accumulated clutter.

Outdoor cleaning was something I dreaded. We have been living in this house for over 5 years now.  So as you can imagine the windows and outdoor vinyl on the front porch had started getting dull and a nice coating of mildew.
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4 Simple Debt Management Tricks and Tips

In a recent poll conducted by NBC showed that 75% of millennials in the US are in some form of debt. A quarter of millennials — those 18 to 34 years old — are over $30,000 in debt, including 11 percent who are over $100,000 in debt. Only 22 percent of millennials are debt free. This has caused many to hold off some of the key milestones in their life.

There was time in my life, as well, when I had approximately $36k in revolving debt and these did not include my mortgage, car payments and others. Over a period of 4-5 years, I was able to turn around my financial situation to just the house mortgage debt and approximately $125k savings in the bank. How did I do it?
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April Frugal wins

April was a month I made a big change to move to working part time hours! With both our children in school age I felt I am needed a lot more at home. We ran the numbers and decided we are in a reasonably good shape financially that I can afford to take a salary cut.

Although we can easily manage our expenses even with our newly reduced income, We are constantly looking to find new ways to save money.
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